How To Archive All Your Vines To Youtube

As you probably know, Vine will be shutting down soon and you will no longer be able to watch all your 5 second video masterpieces.

The good news is, they made it very easy to download all your Vines to your computer. After downloading my collection, I made a Compilation video of all my vines in a row to post to Youtube for posterity.

I figured I would also made this quick video to show you how you can make your own Vine Compilation Video using Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere. It’s a very simple process, but I thought you might want to preserve all your Vine goodness so you can share it with your grandkids one day.

How To Make Your Own Vine Compilation

Adding Acoustic Panels To Your Office To Remove Echo

I set up my new recording office today and I wanted to do a before and after of adding sound dampening panels to a room. They help so much in controlling unwanted reverb and flutter. I purchased these six panels at GIK Acoustics.

Graphing The Difference

I used an app called ClapIR on my iphone to measure the before and after sound profile and get real numbers on what the sound panels do. You can see below that the after graph is much flatter, especially in the 1000 Hz and 8000 Hz range. Those two spikes fall right in the human voice range and can be real problems when recording.

You can also see that the after graph has lower echo time overall. Check the before and after section of the video above (around the 4 minute mark) to really hear a huge difference in the clap test.


More Before And After Audio

The audio recordings below are made with Voice Recorder on my iPhone and give a better idea of what the entire room sounds like.

Before Sound Dampening

After Sound Dampening

Let me know in the comments if you have any specific questions about the process. I would love to help make your room sound better

Listen To Learn – 30 Days Of Genius

I learn best by seeing and listening to other people talk about how they do their work.

So, when Creative Live came out with their 30 Days Of Genius series, I loaded up my Huffduffer with these videos every day and started learning.

A Creative Routine

It’s interesting to hear some of the same things repeated over and over again by multiple different people in drastically different fields. The similarities in mindset and routine was pretty astounding. Made me think a lot about my routine (or lack of it) and is making me much more focused.

Routine seems like a bad word for creative people. But it’s specifically the strict routines in their day that give their creative side more energy to flourish.

Remove the mundane day to day decisions from your life, like what to eat and what to wear, and you suddenly have more energy to make the bigger more important decisions when the time comes.

This series is not just theory and mind-set. It can get very tactical and it’s full of things that you can use in your business right away.

I recommend listening to the entire series. I truly learned something from each one of these videos (yes even Sagmeister). But if you want to start with just one or two, pick a name from below and get learning.

Who Will You Start With?

*I bolded my favorites.

Chase Jarvis, the host of the show, also mentioned that he will be releasing all of these as a podcast very soon. I will update this post as soon as I see the podcast version come out.

Join 30 Days Of Genius Here

The Best Place To Invest

Come join me in this once in a lifetime investment opportunity.

It’s not real estate or the stock market. It’s much more reliable than that. In fact, positive results are guaranteed.

And, unlike other investments, you can do with little or no money.

It’s Time To Invest In Yourself

Yep, spending your precious time or money to learn something new, change the way you think, or learn how other people see the world is the absolute best investment you can make.

Want to ask for a raise at work? Why not read a book about negotiating? Want to play guitar? Choose from thousands of teachers on youtube that will teach you for free. Thinking about starting a business? There is no better time to find an online mentor and learn from their every book, blog post, podcast and Youtube video.

Because we are lucky to live during a time where the internet exists, we can learn from the best people in their field from all around the world for next to no cost.

Youtube and podcasts are free and books are cheap. There is a podcast about something you are interested in right now. Go search and see what you find. Don’t like the host’s personality? Try another one. It may take time to find someone you connect with, but the types of personalities are endless. Find a voice you like, and listen.

Too Busy To Learn?

Nonsense. There is already time in your day that you can fill with learning. Your hands may be busy, but often your ears are wide open.

Don’t just listen to whatever is on the radio, get that car bluetooth set up and fire up an audiobook.

Why not go on a walk and learn while getting some much needed exercise.

Put your earbuds in before doing the dishes and get some insights while scrubbing the pots and pans.

Never let your surroundings decide what you pay attention to. The world around you is busy trying to shove useless 24 hour news and commercials in your ears and eyeballs at every corner. Don’t let them decide for you. Go learn something that YOU want to learn about instead.

Being human is about growing. Don’t stop learning!

Interview At 99u “The Unexpected Benefits of Sharing Everything You Know”

Dave Benton from 99u just posted an Interview with me on how I built Greyscalegorilla from my bedroom to a successful small business.

“Anyone can follow a recipe, but at the end of it they wouldn’t call themselves a chef. Instead, if every time you added a step to the recipe, you explained it — when you add the salt, you are opening up the flavor, for example — the person learning will find much more value.”

Read The Interview Here

Save Youtube Audio As A Podcast With Huffduffer


Every time you catch yourself watching a youtube video when you are supposed to be working, try Huffduffer instead.

What Is Huffduffer?

Huffduffer is a free service that allows you to build a personalized audio feed. It’s kind of like a “read later” service but for audio.

The best part is, you can import the feed into your favorite podcast player so you can listen to your saved audio from anywhere.

I recently learned that you can also use this service to save the audio from Youtube videos! This is when my Huffduffer feed started to fill up… fast!

Save Time And Listen Later

Now, when I find good interviews from my favorite authors, I save them to my Huffduffer thread to be listened to later in the day when I’m not supposed to be working.

It’s solves two problems.

It stops youtube as a distraction by allowing me to save it for later.

It gives me something interesting to listen to while I drive, do dishes, or go for a walk.

Give it a try yourself and see what great things you can find on youtube to listen to later.

Just Get Started

It was new years eve when I had the idea for a new project. I was walking around my neighborhood on a phone call with my buddy Dave. We were talking about what we wanted to do with the upcoming year. We both had similar goals. Dave wanted to meet more people in his town and create a community of like minded coders and designers and I wanted to share more of myself and my interests with people and take more time to directly answer questions from the dozens of emails and twitter questions I get online.


Ideas are the easy part. Especially around the new year. It’s the DOING that is the hard part. Usually I try to set up habits to get in the right frame of mind. Usually by setting deadlines or to do something every day. But for these projects, we needed something more. They were bigger projects than just trying to floss more or do morning pushups. We decided to try something new.


Both of us have heard about this before. Have an accountability partner that keeps you on the right path. For some, it’s a workout buddy. Others, it’s a nightly talk with a spouse to be sure you did everything on your list. Dave and I decided that we were going to keep each other accountable for these ideas to make them actually happen.

That was 4 weeks ago. Dave and I talked at least once a week after that, checking in on each others progress. Dave has made a lot of progress by finding a shared office space and starting to get a meet up on the books.

I, however, did nothing toward my goal of a new podcast. Just a bunch of talk about the structure of the show, the name, what hosting platform I would use, what recording software, etc. I mean, I THOUGHT I was doing a bunch of work to get this podcast started. I scheduled meetings with other friends of mine to talk about what software they use for their podcast. I have thought about topics, the length of the show, the format. Should it be a Q&A show? Maybe a show with a co host? Maybe both?

All of this thinking kept me from actually doing what I originally wanted to do.

Just Get Started

I was discussing names, yet again, with Dave over slack when he interrupted and said. “You haven’t even made one show.”

I was reminded instantly of the advice I give to students when they start asking about what tools to buy, what computer to get, what camera or lens do they need. The answer is always Just Get Started. I wasn’t taking my own advice.

I immediately opened up Screenflow and recorded my first episode. No name, no title, no structure. I finally had momentum (or is it inertia?). Instead of setting up a new site to take questions, I just asked on Twitter. I received a few questions and recorded my next episode.

Using That Inertia

Once I got started with the first episode, more answers started to show up. I remembered that a friend of mine made a website for hosting podcasts. Also, another friend of mine just started a new podcast on that very same site. “Good Enough For Me” I thought as I signed up for the service and my new podcast had a home.

The Name

I recorded the first two episodes and still didn’t have a name. I thought about names like “Get Started Already” to remind myself and others to just start with projects. But I thought it may be too simplistic. Then I remembered my favorite talk I gave called “The Creative Gap”. It was based on this video from Ira Glass where Ira talks about the Gap between where you want to be and where you are now. I always thought that that idea was very powerful. Using the gap as a way to think of being a beginner at something not as a fixed thing, but as a journey towards where you want to go.

Two Hours

That’s all it took to go from Dave reminding me to start a podcast and for me to have a podcast up on iTunes. Listen to the first episode and you will see how scattered it is. But by the third episode, I had a name, and a rough structure for the episodes is starting to take shape. All because I took that first step in actually doing the work.

What are you stuck on?

What project did you say you were going to start this year? Have you done it? If not, try just doing one part of it today. Not the planning part of it, but an actually part of it. Did you want to exercise more? Don’t figure out what gym to join. Just so some pushups. Want to make a new website? Try making 10 blog posts first. Want to take more photos? Don’t watch another camera review. Go take 100 photos with your phone and choose your favorite 10 to put on Instagram.

It’s a lesson I constantly have to re-learn. The details don’t need to be perfect. Just get started making something real and the rest will be easier to figure out.

Go! Get Started!

Favorite Books I Read in 2015

Bold: How to Go Big, Make Bank, and Better the World

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption

Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work

The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work

The Disneyland Story: The Unofficial Guide to the Evolution of Walt Disney’s Dream

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure