Creative People: Treat yourself as a Business.

Creative people in every industry should think of themselves as a business.

Business boils down to two things.

  • 1. Making a great product.
  • 2. Selling the product to people who need it.

Too many people only focus on turning themselves a great product, and they foolishly ignore the second part.

Learning how to sell yourself is the hardest, yet most important part of getting a job. Getting paid all comes down to meeting the people that are hiring and making sure that they know about you and your skills. I have a presentation based on this concept over at my other blog, Greyscalegorilla.

Make sure you are taking care of both sides of your business!

    • Think business, all day, everyday, in limited scope. If I am a product nobody wants, then what. Reinvent. Rinse. Repeat. Die….

  • Smart!

    You hit right on the nail, it really is about selling yourself and who knows you, not who you know.

    I’ve been prepping myself up while polishing my website personal website for the job coming up.

    It’s a contest once a year, they let people audition basically with a video and the best gets the job for a year.

  • awesome video and great info , i totally believe on is who you know, my recent new job i got thanks to one of my best friends in the industry… and i will take on your idea on going and meeting people.. the more connections the better.. thanks a lot

  • Exactly right on that Nick. I just started my freelance career about 8 months ago and i am really finding out the ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’. As an addition i also would like to point out it’s not always who you know but who knows you!

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