How to Develop your iPhone App Idea

Seems like everyone has in idea for an iPhone app these days and looking for a developer to help make it. But, what path do you take? Do you partner up or do you pay someone to make it? There are pros and cons to each that I discuss in the video.

Also, It seems as though, it’s getting harder and harder to find iPhone developers that have the skills to build apps. If you are an developer or are looking for a developer, please drop your info in the comments. Let’s see if we can partner people up and help them make cool shit!

Hi, My Twitter Name Is…

Every meet-up or conference I’ve been too lately has always resulted in the “oh yeah, you’re so-and-so on twitter” conversation 10 minutes after meeting someone. I made these stickers to help ease the introductions. Seems that I know most people on twitter before we meet them in person these days. Besides, twitter handles are becoming the new business card… Right?