What Software Do I Use? Here… I'll show you…

Yep, It’s that time. Many people have asked what software I use, and now it’s time to show you all the icons bouncing around in my dock.

Apps Discussed
Text Wrangler
CSS Edit
After Effects
Default Folder X
Spirited Away


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  • Hi Nick,

    great screencast! Thank you for sharing all your small little helpers with us 😉

    Just started trying out some of the programs.

    Best regards


  • Hey Nick,
    Quick question… Why did you choose to use LaunchBar over spotlight? It seems to do the same functions, minus finding files (which you can turn off in spotlight) and you also put it to the same shortcut. Just curious.

    Thanks for the vid,
    Braden Keith

  • I would have loved it if you had just switched on the camera, pointed to your brain and switched the camera off again. 😀

    But nice tools! A very fine collection.

  • Hey !!! great vid man.
    I just wondered if you have worked on a PC and what do you think about the new Windows ??

  • Hi Nick,

    I see in this videocast a pop up for Test Gear 2 when you open After Effects. Can you explain what it is for ?


  • I too miss the C4D-icon. Also, it would be nice to know specific which plugins/modules you use for AE/C4D/Photoshop…

  • Do you know JumpCut? which is “access to text that you’ve cut or copied, even if you’ve subsequently cut or copied something else.”
    Really cool free app 🙂

  • Thanks Nick. Cool stuff!

    Couple questions, what mic do you use for your videos? Do you like it?

    Why are you running your system from the Drobo?

  • Hey Nick,

    That was a nice insight to what tools you use. However, i’ve always wondered if you use WordPress or Blogger. Or am i wrong and you use something else?

    This is a cool site. I’m an avid fan of Greyscalegorilla and this is like a bonus to it.

    Cheers Nick

  • Hey Nick, cool video!
    Just something tiny I thought I’d point out: you forgot to mention CSSEdit in your post with the list of other softwares.

  • Now you just gotta do a video about the iPhone apps that you find useful.

  • Awesome list, but being a windows user I was wondering if you or anyone else know some good windows alternatives for Default Folder X, cause that is something thats been on my WANT list for a looong time 🙂

    I know it’s hard catering to windows users when you’re on a mac 🙂

  • you know what would be great? If you tell us what hardware do you use to work: processors, graphic card, memory… Am I asking too much?


  • Hello Nick,

    Thanks for this site. GSG is very useful, but this site maybe even more. I just cleaned up my desktop and Dock. I installed some apps you have discussed here. And I’ve changed my email settings. Not to manually, but to every half hour. It is less distracting and will do fine for me. I don’t get that much mail.

    I got one question. Why did you set the user interface of After Effects to a light gray? Is there a specific reason, or do you like in more that way?

    Greetings from Holland.

  • Hey Nick. Another great vid.

    Wanted to recommend something that I think you may like. It’s an online backup program called Mozy (from mozy.com). You can schedule backups to offsite servers and never worry that you’ll lose something important in the event that your computer/drives gets stolen or burned or whatever. Hope that helps!


  • Nicley done, Nick. I do similar work on a Mac, product design (the physical product you hold in your hands), and I use a lot of the same system-level tools you’re using.

    One that is absolutely amazing that you will love is TextExpander: http://www.smileonmymac.com/TextExpander/

    I use it for email signatures (I have a few), for canned-response emails, symbols that I use all the time… Yeah, you’ll love it.

  • Hi Nick! I think you should try this finder plugin called Total Finder http://totalfinder.binaryage.com/ witch adds tabs to the finder just like Safari and also display two finder windows side by side .

    I really like it a lot, very very useful just like Default Folfer X.

  • Hey Nick, we have a very similar taste in system apps.

    I’ve been using Default Folder X since macos 9.x days! BUT, I just recently discovered this handy trick. You can add the icon to your finder window toolbars:


    Look at the Default Folder X download disk image. In the Extras folder there’s an AppleScript applet called “DFX”. Drag that onto your Finder toolbar. You can then get to Default Folder X’s menus by clicking on the icon.

    So, so handy!!


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