The Father Of Making Cool Shit – Interview With My Dad

When it comes to making cool shit and getting things DONE. There is nobody like my dad. He taught me that you should LOVE you job and that you should be passionate about everything you do. I decided to do an interview with him while I was home for the holidays. This one runs a bit longer than the other MCS vids, but I think there is some solid information in here about loving what you do, staying productive, and getting your ass out of bed each morning for something more than a paycheck (spoiler alert: It’s your family).

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  • Awesome video man! I really enjoyed the insight your Dad shared and I stayed for the whole thing :P. It’s true that even though a lot of our stuff lands up digital, there’s still a lot of work that we have to put in with our hands.

    The single biggest productivity booster for me has been to shut down all the fun stuff when I want to work: Twitter, Msn, Skype, etc… and I try to stop browsing and focus.

    Music has a massive effect on my mood too, sometimes it’s better to go with stuff that doesn’t have any lyrics.

    Great work!

  • I think it’s important to see people getting things done without using technology (or who isn’t on the computer 24/7). A lot of people, including myself think we can’t get stuff done without this certain to-do list program or application or just a certain something whatever. We just got to go do it. Your dad knows how to get things done! He also knows the difference between access and excel. kudos.

  • Yeah, great interview. “You just build the house”. The most simple and probably the most difficult to do, and yet the most rewarding. What a great example. Thanks for sharing!

  • Innspiring stuff.

    I liked the whole “invest in your self” bit. Thats what I am currently doing.

    And yeah, repair: I really don’t like it when I have to half-ass something just because I don’t know how or I don’t have the time to get it done properly.

    So when are we getting cooking tips from your mom? 🙂

  • This is great Nick! Your dad is really awesome. Now I understand why you love your dad so much, he is a great inspiration not only for you but now for us as well. This interview was great and thank you for sharing.

    – Oscar

  • Thanks a lot for a great video, Nick! I really enjoyed watching it. Props and regards to you and your dad! 🙂 Have an awesome New Year!

  • It’s great to see you connect with your Dad on life issues even though there’s obviously a difference in your career choices. I speak to my Dad on similar topics all the time and gain new insight each time.

    My tech savvy father in-law and I now have talks like this, so I get two separate perspectives and learn a whole lot from the both of them.

    Maybe now we can start a 🙂

  • Tim, you should be very proud of your son Nick and his accomplishments. He’s learned a whole lot about life at quite a young age, how to get the most from it and most important, how to share with others. Some people go through their entire life and never learn this. Nick, your dad is great. I can see why you have done and continue to do so well. As a father myself (probably a peer to your dad but we don’t need to go there) you want the best for your children but, at least for me, I wanted most to see my children be independent and be able to survive and thrive in the world, be appreciative for what they have and just enjoy life. I’ve been blessed with a son and a daughter that exemplify both those qualities and we continue to share and learn from each other.

    Kudos to both. Good lessons for all. None of us are ever to old to learn nor should we care where those lessons come from.

  • How did you do the color pulses at the beginning of the retirement video?

  • Hi Guys, enjoyed watching your chat.
    I would like to ask Tim how he managed to split his time between career, personal/family projects (building a house and all the 1001 little jobs that must take years to finish afterwards), other commitments, training, clubs etc. and all the people who ask your advice, while still doing an obviously great job as a Dad and family man. Do you just turn your phone off? how do you clear your schedule for the day and say enough is enough now?
    Best to you both.

  • Love this video, Nick. Great to see the respect you’ve got for your dad and vice-versa. The tips are awesome and very true. Most of the time simple things really make a difference in getting things done. I also love the way you can say ‘Thanks’ to your dad. Be proud of yourself for that. You moved me man. And for your dad: I’ve learned a lot from your son at Greyscalegorilla. He inspires a lot of people. And now I know you’ve played an important role in getting him there. So here it is: a big Thank You from The Netherlands.


  • Just caught this. What an awesome video. Wise advice from a genuinely cool guy. Thanks.

  • hey nick, i can see where u get ur humbleness from, and ur ability to stay open minded, ur dad is like the zen master lol, great stuff, u both rock!!!!

  • awesome video… the two-day list is the best.. keeps me on check.. thanks for all the tips and advice… keep it up!!

  • Realy nice heart to heart nick, i usually all up on yer vids on greyscalegorilla, somehow i came across this one. I must say its quite nice. Minus the super advice on productivity, it really was heartfelt, i hope to have a good relationship with my kids as well.

    Keep up the good work Misters Campbell

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