Jason Calacanis vs. David Heinemeier Hansson

A Real Discussion
Jason Calicanis of Mahalo and Engadget fame and David Heinemeier Hansson of Ruby on Rails and 37Signals fame have made the most entertaining hour of Podcasting I’ve ever seen. I have watched this episode twice already and I might have to watch it again. The real fun starts at around 48 minutes in where the interview about David’s history quickly turns into a discussion about how to start a company. Jason is relentless and cant get over the fact that David won’t sell his company for anything. You can see Jason slowly think twice about what he is saying and then get back in with another great argument. David is unflinching with his remarks about how “bullshit” the startup culture really is. (Which I Agree)

The best part? Neither of them have an “agenda” and nobody is just arguing to argue. They are talking to try to understand each other, not to prove a point. We need more interviews like this in the world. More outrageously ambitious, smart, and opinionated people should get on camera and have a discussion.

The End of Bullshit TV
TV is full of Bullshit, scripted interviews and perfectly timed segments. FAKE FAKE FAKE. As TVs add search and an internet connection, you will start to see scripted bullshit die and shows like this thrive.