Steve Jobs Interview at the D8 Conference

A very honest and direct interview with Steve Jobs about the future of computing, the stolen iPhone, content distribution, and the future of Apple. I love how passionate and direct Jobs is here. Not too many CEOs are this direct and publicly emotional about some of these questions. His passion shows.

What did we learn?
Passion and difficult decision making makes business better. Take a stance. You can’t and shouldn’t make everyone happy.


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    • Watch the interview and you’ll get the in-depth about that 🙂

  • Steve Jobs is VERY passionate. I love that about him, but they need a better person to interview Steve Jobs rather than fanboy Walt Mossberg.

  • Pretty good interview. Walt Mossberg was a terrible choice though, he keeps feeding Jobs fan boy questions (that Jobs acutally brushes off).

    its a problem when the interviewer is a bigger fanboy of the company than the CEO.

  • I used to run majority of the Adobe compete within Microsoft, he’s pretty much spot on. Making the decision not to use Flash was actually forward thinking and bold. I know we had many times go back and forth on our overall collective convictions on Flash vs Silverlight (given we had at the time started Silverlight to compete against Flash).

    Bottom line, Apple seems to be making some bold moves, disruptive and at the same time impacting the industry to the point where they still are leading? I know inside Microsoft folks are doubling down on Apple compete to the point where they’ve shifted focus from Google/Adobe compete to fully focus on Apple again.

    Amazing times.

  • Wow, even the business model is organized “like a start-up” pretty amazing how technology has influenced us.

  • … but you should make people happy.

    Steve is a Bumhole in his lazyness regarding to the Professional App. users and developers He now causes more frustration with is arrogance than any Computer Company ever did before, because he’s promising magic to the people but delivering just foul tricks.

    He’s a mad man. He’s not very interested in capital, he want’s something complete different. Poor man.

  • Jobs is a very interesting person to listen to, that said, I wasn’t impressed with most of the questions they asked. I’m curious as to what people think is going to replace flash… I’ve heard people say html 5 and/or silverlight, but neither of those technologies have a timeline based program that can create interactive animations, as far as I know. Jobs is right that flash is going away in some regards, it was overused initially, but I think there are situations where it makes sense.

  • Wanted to view this on my Ipad but obviously couldn’t (flash). According to Steve Jobs it’s mostly adds that we will be missing on Ipad. So this makes me wondering: “Is this an interview or an add?”

    Still I have to agree with Nick. Jobs is passionate and we shouldn’t make everybody happy. And thank God for my Macbook so I could still see this interview sitting on my couch.

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