What Excites You?

  • Hey Nick!
    Very good advice!

    Great video too, you have a huge aim at a very targeted audience, but it seems you reach a much larger audience than that. (:

    You seem to aim at people just starting. I understand why you would do that, being the first stop for 3D for most on the web..

    Great new site btw.. Clean and simple 🙂


  • This is so true, my piece that got me my job out in Seattle was a project that was fun and exciting for me. Your work will always be really good so long as your happy and excited about it while your working on it. I didn’t have to do that project for anyone but me, and having that energy to get it done and chug through it really makes the difference in quality and over all satisfaction with the final product.

    I try to keep up with you on things Nick I’ve been following you for a while, and you make great videos and give good advice for anyone interested in design.

    Great video man I’ll be waiting for the next one!

  • I disagree, I would have mentioned that a vector based program would make graphics look cleaner on the monitor and that Inkscape has a lot of future, because open source software is the future.

  • Great advice! Learning what you love and are passionate about will deinitely help you get the expertise in it much more quickly! Makes a lot of sense!

  • Nick, keep answering those types of questions with the answer you just provided in your video. What you said makes a lot of sense, and it’s not only great advice, but it’s the truth. I think when we see someone, like a designer such as yourself, who is successful, we think there’s a specific formula that’ll give us the grand result of success and fame. And if we piece together these variables (the answers we seek from other successful creatives), we, too, shall stand on the podium as the 1st place winner. Ahh, if only it were that simple. The excitement you speak about has also been worded like this: “Find what you love to do.” I also believe in this, however, in an age of technology where everyone is connected and today’s news is already yesterday’s news, how do we dip our toes into the pool of success when so many are fighting for our attention? Well, if you’d like success to be your friend, then you have make failure your friend as well. Make something and put it out there, even if you don’t think it’s great, or if you just started. Just put it out into the world! That already is a great step.

    Thanks for sharing your insight once again.

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