On Starting

You don’t need to learn more before you start – mr rayne

  • Nick

    I was just thinking this exact thing the other day.

    Donald Rumsfeld said “You go to war with the army you have”.

    He could also have easily said, “You shoot the photo with the camera you have” or “You make the film with the software you have”.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love plugins and magazine articles and tutorials and gadgets and books as much as the next guy…

    But yet another $2000 lens will not make you a better photographer.

    Thanks for the inspiration

  • Hi Nick,

    First I would like to say awesome job on greyscalegorilla! I don’t know if i can write about FX and stuff in here but i was wondering if you could shine some light into how this was done http://medialuna.tv/index.htm#/portfolio/34/fxbrands_10_edit I was thinking this might be all in AE but i am not sure since it folds and the light affects every folding panel and they seem to be rigged to act like folding paper. Sorry for chatting about FX in your quote post :S

    thanks for sharing your mAd sKills!

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