Rands on Caves

My Cave is my intellectual home. My kitchen is where I eat, my bed is where I sleep, and my Cave is where I think. Everyone has some sort of Cave; just follow them around their house. It might be a garage full of tools or a kitchen full of cookware, but there is a Cave stashed somewhere in the house. – Rands

When I grew up, my bedroom was my cave. It was always full of microphone cables, guitars, and k’nex. Now, my cave is my home office. I try to keep a pretty clean house as a rule, but it never fails that I always have 10 or so messy projects going on at once in my cave. Where is yours?

  • My home office is most definitely my cave. I currently have a painting project with easels and paint tubes lying all over, a craigslist/yard sale corner of stuff, my tax writeoff receipt stack desk corner, and that’s all before you get to the digital world that actually is the reason for the cave in the first place. I used to draw on my childhood cave walls…i knew something was missing.

  • The Office/Studio was the Cave, until this year’s creative explosion: Now, the entire house inside and out (save a bedroom corner) is host to a plethora of projects ranging from oil, acrylics, gouache and canvases, to stop motion sets, retro photo areas, clay modeling trays, lego construction zones, lighting design projects, Post-It Brainstorms… This place is quietly turning into Lascaux with wifi. And there’s a square foot left next to Mac Pro for guitar & cables.

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