It’s Official: I’m Obsessed with Pinball

I tend to obsess over things. Like REALLY obsess. I tend to build my life and ways I make money around my obsessions. Every few years another thing comes up that interests me and I have to learn as much about it as I can. Magic Tricks, Yo-Yo’s, Pro Tools, After Effects, Photography, Cinema 4D, Designing iPhone Apps, all came out of following random obsessions. Well, I think I found a new one.

About about two months ago, wile I was waiting for my laundry to dry in a San Francisco Laundromat, I put a few quarters into a Terminator 2 Pinball and ended up playing a couple hours until I beat the high score. That’s all it took. I am now obsessed in learning everything I can about pinball and becoming a better player. I learned about who designed pinball games, who makes them, how they are distributed, how they are cleaned, fixed, and transported. I’m also committing to play and practice at least 4 hours a week to learn how to become a better player.

Fleeting obsessions come and go for me, but it looks like this one is here to stay for a while. I’m even looking into purchasing one for home or for an office space and learning how to fix them myself. Mostly, I’m excited I finally have a hobby that doesn’t involve staring into a computer monitor all day.

  • By far my favorite pinball game of all time. “Get the super jackpot”! I’ll be back. I want this machine in my house.

  • I started my obsession exactly the same way you did; while waiting for laundry. The game that stole my heart was Theater of Magic. I found myself on more than one occasion without enough quarters to dry my clothes!

  • We have a Indiana Jones Pinball machine at our Agency. 6 Motion designers have failed to beat our producers score of: 471,870,460.

    • Ok, great. Blog. Now, why is it taking mothns on end to get this ios zen pinball bug fixed? I’m tired of the apple ID log on popup constantly. Tried to play it today, it didn’t pop up, started the wolverine table, and then it popped up and paused my game, and made me lose my ball. Getting kinda ridiculous now. Please get this fixed. And I had to give my PS3 to my son, cause his broke dead, and he’s away in the military, so I no longer have my Spidey table to play. I have been waiting forever to get it on the ios, but no word yet. any news???Thanks, and hope all this will be fixed soon

  • Here at work we recently moved into our new office and our CEO brought in 5 of his pinball machines (one of which is Terminator 2, btw). I’m in love with FunHouse. I want it to have my babies….little chrome babies.

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