2015 Goals Met List

Before you go make big plans for next year, don’t forget to celebrate everything you accomplished THIS year. It’s rare any of us take a moment to really appreciate all the wins we have had. Here is my list of personal and business goals that I achieved in 2015.

Business Goals Met in 2015
Build an Amazing team to help run Greyscalegorilla.
Focus more on what is working and ignore what isn’t.
Surround myself with people that are better at me at everything so that I can learn from them.
Learn More Cinema 4D and X-Particles.
Empower my team to make decisions instead of micromanaging. (this one is tough and is still ongoing.)
Launch Renewal Pricing For GSG Products.
Make The Reflectance Channels Easier To use In Cinema 4D.

Personal Goals Met in 2015
Marry my best friend.
Read 20 books. (By read, I mean listen to on Audible)
Be more present when around people. (AKA – Stop playing with my phone).
Move to Michigan to be closer to family.
Cold showers every day.
50+ Pushups every day.
Go to more conferences.

There were plenty of goals that weren’t met or only partially met. I wanted to try to meditate more for example, but I probably did it less than 20 times this year. I will add it to my 2016 list and push forward.

Hope you had a productive 2015 and have a wonderful 2016.