Save Youtube Audio As A Podcast With Huffduffer


Every time you catch yourself watching a youtube video when you are supposed to be working, try Huffduffer instead.

What Is Huffduffer?

Huffduffer is a free service that allows you to build a personalized audio feed. It’s kind of like a “read later” service but for audio.

The best part is, you can import the feed into your favorite podcast player so you can listen to your saved audio from anywhere.

I recently learned that you can also use this service to save the audio from Youtube videos! This is when my Huffduffer feed started to fill up… fast!

Save Time And Listen Later

Now, when I find good interviews from my favorite authors, I save them to my Huffduffer thread to be listened to later in the day when I’m not supposed to be working.

It’s solves two problems.

It stops youtube as a distraction by allowing me to save it for later.

It gives me something interesting to listen to while I drive, do dishes, or go for a walk.

Give it a try yourself and see what great things you can find on youtube to listen to later.