Sampling Steely Dan and other Possibly Bad Ideas

More messing with audio production this weekend…

The idea below was made while trying to learn how to organize and chop up samples. Got a new audio interface and record player just to start learning these sampling techniques.

Of course, Steely Dan is always groovy… Caught a few clips from “Gaucho” and started adding some kick drums.

I’m happy with how this one turned out. Digging how it easily goes from grooving to housey. I added some weird out Olivia Tremor Control loops at the end and a “How to stop Smoking” record samples for the vocal. Automate some filters and BAM. You get this…

Glad to get a second song up on soundcloud within a week of the last one. Instead of dropping a bunch of cash on new software that I didn’t know if I would use, I decided to give myself a challenge.

I told myself. “Put up 3 tracks on soundcloud during the 30 day demo period and then you can buy the full software.”

Well, my demo is just about over on Ableton Live. Will I get that last track on soundcloud? Stay tuned to find out.

Any requests?

Samples + Filters + Automation / My First Track from Ableton Live

Protools was the real reason I bought my first G4 mac back in 2001. Being able to record myself and other local bands with a computer was absolute magic to me.

Eventually, I fell in love with Animation, After Effects, Final Cut, and Cinema 4D. But Music production and editing was where it all started.

Recently the music bug hit again. But this time, it was electronic music production.

One of my favorite styles from the 90s was Filtered French Disco House in the style of early Daft Punk labels of Roulé & Crydamoure.

So, as I went to start learning Ableton Live, this was the first style I went to try to make. I found this excellent tutorial by SadowickProduction all about how to make a filtered house track. PERFECT!!!!

Below is the result after a few hours learning how to sample, filter, and arrange in Ableton Live. The vocal samples are from the actual tutorial I watched!

I’m sharing this simple track because I absolutely LOVE the process of learning and sharing something new. It’s such a weird rush when things start to come together.

I know that it’s just a simple loop and some filter automation. But I think that’s what makes it even more fun to learn and play. It’s when you discover that almost everything made by humans boils down to “Just this plus this” that the world starts to become more human. It’s a human, or a group of them in rooms all over the world combining things together to make new styles, objects, and ways to see the world.

It’s a human, or a group of them in rooms all over the world combining things together to make new styles, objects, and ways to see the world.

When I try to make things I end up seeing the humanity in everything around me. It’s one of my favorite obvious truths of life.

OK, off to learn more Ableton. I’m still in the copying styles I like mode. Any requests? 🙂