J-P TETI on Openness and iPads

The iPad is actually opening up technology to more people. None of this crap about it being closed is accurate. By giving people freedom to explore the app store without having to worry about anything (except their wallets), Apple has possibly made the best move they could make by locking down the iPad’s installation sources. That’s the one that’s the most helpful for the general state of technology. Apple is encouraging people to explore and play around. The iPad only does less than a regular computer to us geeks. To everyone else, it does more. – J-P TETI

From “The iPad is 99% more open than any other computer

Road Trip Video

Three weeks. 3000+ miles. 11 days of skiing. Three couches. two hotel rooms. 11 States. Countless coffees. Untold amounts of beer. Many friends. Much Fun.

Shot with a Flip Cam and a GoPro Hero. Color corrected and edited in After Effects