Adding Acoustic Panels To Your Office To Remove Echo

I set up my new recording office today and I wanted to do a before and after of adding sound dampening panels to a room. They help so much in controlling unwanted reverb and flutter. I purchased these six panels at GIK Acoustics.

Graphing The Difference

I used an app called ClapIR on my iphone to measure the before and after sound profile and get real numbers on what the sound panels do. You can see below that the after graph is much flatter, especially in the 1000 Hz and 8000 Hz range. Those two spikes fall right in the human voice range and can be real problems when recording.

You can also see that the after graph has lower echo time overall. Check the before and after section of the video above (around the 4 minute mark) to really hear a huge difference in the clap test.


More Before And After Audio

The audio recordings below are made with Voice Recorder on my iPhone and give a better idea of what the entire room sounds like.

Before Sound Dampening

After Sound Dampening

Let me know in the comments if you have any specific questions about the process. I would love to help make your room sound better

Listen To Learn – 30 Days Of Genius

I learn best by seeing and listening to other people talk about how they do their work.

So, when Creative Live came out with their 30 Days Of Genius series, I loaded up my Huffduffer with these videos every day and started learning.

A Creative Routine

It’s interesting to hear some of the same things repeated over and over again by multiple different people in drastically different fields. The similarities in mindset and routine was pretty astounding. Made me think a lot about my routine (or lack of it) and is making me much more focused.

Routine seems like a bad word for creative people. But it’s specifically the strict routines in their day that give their creative side more energy to flourish.

Remove the mundane day to day decisions from your life, like what to eat and what to wear, and you suddenly have more energy to make the bigger more important decisions when the time comes.

This series is not just theory and mind-set. It can get very tactical and it’s full of things that you can use in your business right away.

I recommend listening to the entire series. I truly learned something from each one of these videos (yes even Sagmeister). But if you want to start with just one or two, pick a name from below and get learning.

Who Will You Start With?

*I bolded my favorites.

Chase Jarvis, the host of the show, also mentioned that he will be releasing all of these as a podcast very soon. I will update this post as soon as I see the podcast version come out.

Join 30 Days Of Genius Here