The Best Place To Invest

Come join me in this once in a lifetime investment opportunity.

It’s not real estate or the stock market. It’s much more reliable than that. In fact, positive results are guaranteed.

And, unlike other investments, you can do with little or no money.

It’s Time To Invest In Yourself

Yep, spending your precious time or money to learn something new, change the way you think, or learn how other people see the world is the absolute best investment you can make.

Want to ask for a raise at work? Why not read a book about negotiating? Want to play guitar? Choose from thousands of teachers on youtube that will teach you for free. Thinking about starting a business? There is no better time to find an online mentor and learn from their every book, blog post, podcast and Youtube video.

Because we are lucky to live during a time where the internet exists, we can learn from the best people in their field from all around the world for next to no cost.

Youtube and podcasts are free and books are cheap. There is a podcast about something you are interested in right now. Go search and see what you find. Don’t like the host’s personality? Try another one. It may take time to find someone you connect with, but the types of personalities are endless. Find a voice you like, and listen.

Too Busy To Learn?

Nonsense. There is already time in your day that you can fill with learning. Your hands may be busy, but often your ears are wide open.

Don’t just listen to whatever is on the radio, get that car bluetooth set up and fire up an audiobook.

Why not go on a walk and learn while getting some much needed exercise.

Put your earbuds in before doing the dishes and get some insights while scrubbing the pots and pans.

Never let your surroundings decide what you pay attention to. The world around you is busy trying to shove useless 24 hour news and commercials in your ears and eyeballs at every corner. Don’t let them decide for you. Go learn something that YOU want to learn about instead.

Being human is about growing. Don’t stop learning!