Real Artists Ship List 2010

Seth Godin asks “What did you Ship in 2010?” In his excellent post he encourages you to write down everything you shipped over the last year. Not ideas or half finished projects. Only things that got out the door and actually happened. Because, that’s all that matters.

Ideas don’t matter. Starting doesn’t matter. Finishing matters.

Here is my list.

Launch HDRI Light Kit Pro
Speaking at SXSW
Launched HDRI Studio Pack
Speaking at Hyper Island in Sweden
Launched Reel Roulette in one week.
Launched CrossProcess for iPhone
Launched ShakeItPhoto 1.4 for iOS 4
Launched Vintage Film For Looks with Red Giant
Launched Simple&Simple. Good Idea. Didn’t follow though.
Hosted 12 new Five Second Projects
Played and won Layer Tennis
Launched Banana Camera Co
Recorded over 30 GSG Live Casts
Recorded over 50 Video Tutorials for Greyscalegorilla

What is yours?