How to finish your personal projects: Set a deadline!

  • I have a personal deadline for tomorrow. I’ll post a link to my work once it’s finished.

    thx 4 the insight.
    keep on bloggin’ in the free world.

  • ive got a massive list of personal things ive
    wanted to get done for ages now.. my uni work is the only thing that seems gets my full attention at the mo, think im going to start treating them as the same..

  • Sometimes it’s also necessary for me to have something like a “startline” not only a deadline…
    E.g. I say “Ok the thing must be ready at thursday and I definetly start on tuesday 10am”… so I can chill the next days and on tuesday 10am I start, no matter what…

    love this business blog!

  • In case you miss the deadline, how should you penalize yourself? Otherwise the deadline is useless!

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