10 Big Ideas to Help You Make Stuff

The 10 Big Ideas to success

  • Optimism – Control your mind. Worry about what is under your control.
  • Vision – Everything is created twice. First in your head, then in real life.
  • Self Awareness – What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Goals – Write these down.
  • Action – Show up and make it. There is hard work in everything.
  • Energy – Be healthy. Go work out will ya? Be financially healthy, produce more than you consume.
  • Wisdom – Never stop learning. You don’t ever know everything.
  • Love – First Yourself. Family, friends.
  • Courage – No more fear! Just do it!
  • Spirit – Align to whatever is bigger. Nature? Life? God?

Mentioned in the video
Brian’s Overview: Make sure to watch this too. This is where it all came from.


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    • Yeah same here.

      I try to live my life by the second bullet point and believe me it is definitely true.

      • “Vision” Everything is created twice. First in your head, then in real life.

      Oh btw i noticed…. you have a typo in “creatied”. 😉

  • Nick, LOVE the post/video. Brian is a very on his game guy and definitely has found a great niche that he’s totally passionate about. Keep up the great work and I’ll be visiting often while I create more cool shit myself 🙂

  • Sometimes I feel like my greatest inhibitions hit me when I start to think about everything else I could be doing at a certain moment. Is this the most effective use of my time? Is this the correct project for me to be involved in? or even, is this the right font for my design? The decision making process stops me up everytime.

    But what I’ve learned is that there truly are no bad decisions. Life is relative, and its not about whats happening to everyone else, its about your perception of the world. No matter which path you choose, you will invariably come to one of two conclusions.

    1. You rock it and feel great.
    2. You fuck up, learn from it, and become a better next time.

    Sounds like a win-win to me.

  • Hi Nick, how do divide your time between making your cool shit and reading blogs ? How much time do you spend at reading blogs an expand your knowledge ?

  • Great post, I’ve heard most of these tips in the past from various sources, but your reminder has come at a time when i need to hear them again. I would make one addition however, something that i find very important, and that’s humour.

  • Nick thanks a lot! GSG and MakeCoolShit are two main blogs that I found this year. You’re doing a great things

  • yeah man, the great thing about all this is not only does it help creatives, you can apply to pretty much anything you are passionate about. One thing on my mind lately is that often times we put off doing things or dont do our best because we are waiting for that perfect moment when things just go the way we want. I contest that unless we are giving 110% in every aspect of our lives, even in the job we hate or the relationship that isnt working, the project that isnt really that much fun, the opportunities that come will be missed because we are looking passed the mark. (if that makes sense). Basically, do your best in all you do no matter what, and someday you’ll end up exactly where you want to be.

  • Grrreat ideas Nick! Also wanted to thank you for “introducing” me to Brian and Philosopher’s Notes. They are the BOMB! I’ve always started each new year with the same enthusiasm to make changes and improve myself, but then life gets in the way and I get too “busy” to follow through with all of my awesome goals. I’ve realized that staying motivated takes a lot of WORK! So, I’m super excited to have access to some daily inspiration from him and you. =) Moochas gracias, señor gorilla!

  • hey nick, first of all i wanna to thank you for all that you do.

    youre such an awesome person,
    thx to share all your knowledge with us.
    but specially to this post wich i really needed in these days, i wanna thank you seperately.
    you know,
    i screwed some things in my life and i need to fix them now somehow.
    and focusing on work and being more creative again, could help make this one person proud of me again, but enough of tht.
    as you said first of all love yourself and be proud of your self.

    so i really wanna thank you
    for being there for us, some times its a cold world out there and we creatives need to stick together and make this whole twisted world just a piece better.

    ah yeah i forgot to mention, if you wanna have a look on some of my illustrations and scribbels here is my web site, but dont be to critic its a old one and i need to make a new one cause i dont like it anymore and there are many pieces not updated yet.
    so ill stop blabering arround and get back to work.

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