Have a great Idea? Who is gonna buy it?

Sure, you have a great idea for an app or a business, but who is going to buy it. Making a great product is way less than HALF of the work. Advertising cost a lot of money. So, where do you start? Think about who you are connected to now. Make a product for them. Also, don’t forget to make something that YOU would use. Finally, ideas are worthless! Don’t forget, at a certain point, if it’s a good idea, you need to stop thinking and start making it.

Who is your market? Make something for them!

  • 100% True. How many times have we been watching tv and a commercial comes on with the latest gadget or a movie comes out and you stand up and shout at the TV “THEY STOLE MY IDEA”

    As creatives we are one of the most valuable tools in the work flow, but at the same time actions are what translate to success.

  • It’s true, every-time I get an idea for a product or service, it’s because I needed something done, and there were no options. So I just had to create my own. Super easy to understand what needs to be done.

  • This specific video is unrelated to this specific post. I really like your site, love the stuff you post here. I was wondering what software do you use to run this site? It is custom? or do you use an already available content management system?

  • I think part of the problem now is that people think that just because of the success of using social media to sell products that they don’t really need to think too hard about the fundamental points of selling something (target market/brand/literature/etc).

    Just because something is a lot cheaper to market globally now doesn’t mean you should also skimp costs in other areas.

  • Great video Nick. And that’s so true, most of us, and including me, don’t have that ease to act, I think that maybe fear makes us all stay behind and just say “yeah, it’s a good idea, but, oh I dunno..”. So we pretty much just have to lose that fear. Keep up the good work!

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