Six things I wish I knew (before I started School)

Great advice for ANY subject you are learning.

1. Focus, Disconnect, and do not be distracted.
2. Do not accept their speed limit.
3. Nobody will teach you anything. You have to teach yourself.
4. Learn from YOUR heros, not theirs.
5. Don’t get stuck in the past.
6. When done, be valuable.


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  • College seems so pointless to me now. Im more than halfway through now though. But college is the complete antithesis of this. You are forced to learn from their heros, confined to their speed limits, and u dont learn anything useful.

  • @todd
    You do learn useful stuff. It just doesn’t necessarily take 2, 4, 8, 12 years to absorb all that knowledge and experiences.

    If you find value in the paper, stick with it. Maybe its time to start applying what you have absorbed into a “moonlight” project. This is what pushes you ahead of the pack.

  • I did find college teaching speeds slow and people complaining that they never taught us enough. But if you actually have a passion for something then you teach yourself. Just get as much as possibly from your teachers, hopefully some of it will be useful. Just badger them about what your doing etc.

    Advice above is very true and valuable

  • I love this, I really do. I would love to hear more stuff like this because this is truely inspiring, I look on the web for stuff just like this. Amazing invaluable information, if theres more I would love to hear hit. Does anybody (Nick?) know where I can find more speakers like this, you don’t find inspiration like this everyday?

  • stuff like this is realy invaluable.

    on there’s among other usefull stuff a great video section. you should check it out.

    btw i’d love to see more posts with stuff like that!

  • One thing I always did in college, to help things not seem so slow, was to take what I had just learned and make my own project with it. Just learn three point lighting? Then go out and shoot using three point lighting. Really helped the lessons stick and made me better at what I do.

    Great post.

  • I’m gonna have to agree with milkybrain’s comments.

    I also learned early on that I was not going to be taught everything and that most things I did want to learn were not even taught at my school (whether it be techniques or applications to say the least).

    Taking your own initiative and self teaching yourself can help you in so many ways.Don’t wait around and expect skills to be handed down to you because it wont happen.

    Good post.

  • Hey Nick, I wasn’t going to watch this one(I did watch the Calacanis vid which was also great!) but hit play anyhow…

    Very glad I did as there is something about it that was very authentic and real!

    thx for posting,


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