iPhone 4S Bump In App Sales

A word to app developers and others interested. Any time there is a new iPhone launched, app sales go up. Here is the graph for the last thirty days for combined sales of both my apps.

It’s probably a combination of a few things. First, new iPhone users hitting the market and they may be asking their friends what apps they need. Hopefully, if I did a good job, they are recommending mine. Second, a very highly social period comes with a new phone as everyone shows off what it can do, including the new camera. And, as we know, whenever people flip their phone around to show off an app or a photo, there is a higher chance of a sale.

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  • Great insight, thanks for the analysis 🙂 I’m curious though, can you live completely off of your app sales or do they generate too little money? how much of the App Store price do you get?

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