Refresh Chicago: Working From Home – The Good and the Bad

  • You know how in this talk you talk about watching videos instead of working… Well i should be doing my iOS app design in photoshop right now, but I’m watching it. I’m watching it while I make and eat lunch, what are your thoughts, Nick, on spending an hour on lunch to make eat and relax for a bit while checking out TED or Gary Vaynerchuck and such.

  • Really helped me a lot! I’ve been working everyday since i wake up and then finished my work, ..and when i’m watching tv, my laptop is again in front of me and i end up remaking tutorials and reading your blogs.. at 2 am in the netherlands now (and i’m a multimedia design student still got to learn for my exams -_-“).
    Anyways thanks for this speech Nick! 😀

  • Interesting talk, i’m currently trying to make it as a freelancer, i’ve found that working form home can be great to begin with, but as you mentioned, the lack of social interaction you get from studio and peers can really have a negative effect (in my case anyway.) I’ve found that he inspiration and excitement off achieving something that day can be lost if you don’t manage your time, and have cut off points. Some interesting points at the “fixing it” stage of the talk, will take these on board. Thanks for posting this Nick.

  • Nick. I’ve always been a fan and have been following off and on since the inception of the Greyscale site. I don’t interact to much within your sites but Greyscale was a huge help in my growth as a motion artist. I’m interacting now because this was a great eye opener. It was fantastic to hear that some of your experiences are exactly what I’ve been encountering. I’m not nearly as financially successful yet as you are but that’s not the point. The point is that I really appreciate this talk and it’s really opened up some insights for me in taking future steps. I look forward to seeing the different routes you take in the future.

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