How to Develop your iPhone App Idea

Seems like everyone has in idea for an iPhone app these days and looking for a developer to help make it. But, what path do you take? Do you partner up or do you pay someone to make it? There are pros and cons to each that I discuss in the video.

Also, It seems as though, it’s getting harder and harder to find iPhone developers that have the skills to build apps. If you are an developer or are looking for a developer, please drop your info in the comments. Let’s see if we can partner people up and help them make cool shit!


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  • This article is scary true. I’m looking for a developer to start a project ( at the beginning of Jan. This would be a paid project (50/50). Please shoot any leads my way. Thanks!

    • Teevio –
      Looks like a great start. Love the interface. Wish I could help. Good luck!

  • It’s true that *good* iPhone devs are hard to find right now. I have a project that I need to get into the hands of someone and I can’t find a qualified option.

  • Hey Nick, It’s nice to see a platform that is so interesting to both developers and designers. I’m a Computer Science student graduating soon. I’ve been following your blogs for quite some time now. Well, because, I’m planning on doing my masters on either Advanced Computer Graphics or VFX. Yeah, I should have chosen design! But I’m a little late, huh? 😉

    I’ve been working on the iPhone framework for a couple of months now – for my senior thesis. It is by far the best, and most fun platform I’ve ever coded for. I made a couple of apps so far, but I’m using the university license right now. Can’t publish them yet.

    If any of you guys need a developer for a “not-so-big” project – I’ll do my best to make up some time. But like I said, I’m rather new to this platform. If anyone’s interested, mail me and we can talk. “berkcebi at gmail dot com”

    • I should’ve mentioned that I’m not from the US – might be a problem for some. Like you didn’t get that already from my poor English skills. Heh.

  • thx for answering that Nick 🙂

    well for what is worth, I am looking for a developer, knowing is way around the video part of the SDK.
    Feel free to contact me here : francois . register [ at] gmail dot com (without space)


  • Hey Ya’ll.

    My name is Sam and I run a web development shop out of Chicago. We work with some excellent iPhone developers over here. If you are looking for a development team don’t hesitate to give me a shout.

    sam [at] onedesigncompany dot com

    Look forward to hearing from you,

  • I’m looking for a developer. I’m in the Southern California region, but that probably doesn’t matter. I’m looking for someone with excellent attention to detail who has experience with the gps/map capabilities of the iPhone sdk. Any takers?

    etroxel at gmail dot com

  • iPhone developer here. I’m a freelance developer who has done several iPhone apps for clients in the past.

    I’ve got two projects under development right now, but am always looking for new clients and projects to undertake.

    • Write to geocom six six (numbers) at hot so we can talk about it im looking for a developer for a great iphone app

  • I know it might looks like a spam comment, but I’m an avid reader of Make Cool Shit (as my last post on my blog testify) and I couldn’t resist to plug one of my latest projects.

    I co-founded a job board specific for iPhone development called, where people can post their jobs for free. I hope you guys will find it helpful.

  • Working in the mobile space, I definitely would recommend proceeding with paying vs. rev share as Nick recommends (if you have the capital).

    Of course, the context is key. If you have contacts/friends that you trust and are proven in iPhone design/dev, a rev share might make sense. But if you are coming into this cold, there are way too many intricacies of a rev share, including ownership of assets, adhering to timelines, equity if someone leaves, etc.

    In general, I’d say that your project will get done significantly faster, more efficiently, etc. when paying. Check out some of my writings for more info…and feel free to get in touch on my site —

  • ive heard taht in Adobe CS5 you can make iphone apps in flash CS5, that should be easier than SDK right?

    you can post iphone jobs on

    • The problem with Flash CS5 code is that won’t be very optimized. In iPhone development is usually needed a good amount of work to optimize the apps so that can run smoothly on a relatively powerful platform.

  • Anyone have any experience with using the redlaser sdk yet? I’ve got a great idea based on this technology, and Im still bouncing the idea around my head at the moment. I’m confident that it would be massively popular and there doesn’t seem to be anything like it out on the app market… yet (Im sure its only a matter of time).

    I’d appreciate any advice on how to go about getting this thing started so if anyone wants to hear more get in touch…

    pete [at] hitrender [dot] com

    Cheers 🙂

  • Hello,

    We are some guys in a company called Svep Design Center that are really interested in projects for iPhone. Today we only have one app for sale at AppStore but we have developed a couple concepts in-house to test the platform. Svep is even certified to develop hardware that uses the iPhone connector.

    Contact me: daniel[dot]nord[at]svep[dot]se

  • Hey everyone,

    I just heard about and it sounds like it might be just what we are looking for.

  • I just embedded Nick’s video over at and I’d recommend people checking out’s ebook on making iPhone apps – – I don’t get commission or anything. I’ll mention in my next IPL post.

  • I am starting to fiddle with developing, but more just to understand what I can do and what I can learn to make things easier in the future….
    the website i like so far is
    pretty much look at other apps and learn how to make them… nice way of learning

  • As a designer, how do you choose a developer, be it iphone or web? I’m a sysadmin by day, freelancer by night and I would like to team up with a designer to work on some projects.



  • Hi there,
    I’m a Project Manager of Caps off Team. We’re opened for programming outsource projects. You may watch our work on our site or on the AppStore.

    I hope you find our site interesting!

  • Whats up are using WordPress for your sie platform? I’m new to
    tthe blog world but I’m trying to get started and create mmy own. Do you need any html coding
    expertise to make your ownn blog?Any help wouldd be greatly appreciated!

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