"Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" and "Time Management" by Randy Pausch

Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

Time Management

If you haven’t heard of Randy Pausch, it’s time you get familiar. His straight forward talks about how to achieve your childhood dreams and how to better manage your time are super entertaining and educational as hell. He really explains how he Made Cool Shit and how to get past some of the “Brick Walls” that people and society put up to try and stop you. He even talks a bit about being an Imagineer at Disney, (which was one of my childhood dreams).

Yeah, each movie is about an hour long, but here is a tip. Try watching these videos tonight instead of watching reality crap or formulaic dramas on TV. Trust me, you will be way more entertained and educated at the end of one of Randy’s talks that you will be at the end of “So you think you can Dance”.

Randy = Inspiration


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